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[Cl2] Duo Capriccioso for 2Clarinets(2004~rev.2022)

[Cl2] Duo Capriccioso for 2Clarinets(2004~rev.2022)

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PDF(2 Scores for Play)

Hidemi Mikai『Duo Capriccioso for 2Clarinets(2004~rev.2022)』2 Scores for Play

This piece was tentatively completed in 2001, but then underwent major revisions in 2004.  For this publication, we have made several changes to the dynamics and corrected minor mistakes.  It has a three-part structure: rapid, slow, and sudden, and all songs are strongly influenced by minimal music (music created by repeating certain detailed sound patterns).  I composed this piece with the intention of challenging the theme of how to balance the sustainability of music with the natural breathing of wind instruments.

[For performance]
・Turn the pages after 4&7p. and for your convenience, this music requires at least 2 musicstands. 
・From the bar19, the notes the end of slur should be played lightly.
・From the bar60, "pppp echo tone" should be played with almost no sound.
Even the sound got lost or the legato notes couldn't be connected, it's acceptable.

♪ Product Code : ASKS-CL144
♪ Ensemble : Clarinet Duo
♪ Instrumentation : 2 Clarinets
♪ Composer : Hidemi Mikai
♪ Creation Date :2004
♪ Duration : about 7 min 30sec.
♪ Release date : 2022/8/16
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