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Cyber Bird Concerto op.59 (Study Score)

Cyber Bird Concerto op.59 (Study Score)

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PDF (Handwriting/Score Only (Not for Play))

Takashi Yoshimatsu 『Cyber Bird Concerto op.59』 Study Score

♪ Product Code : ASKS-SC29
♪ Ensemble : Saxophone Concerto
♪ Instrumentation : A.Sax, piano, percussion & Orchestra(3-2-3-0,3-3-3-0,2perc,Strings)
♪ Composer : Takashi Yoshimatsu
♪ Creation Date : 1993-1994
♪ Duration : about 22 min.
♪ Format : B4 vertical format/74 Pages (Handwriting)
♪ Notice! : This product includes only Score. This is a Study Score. Not for Play.
If you want to play, please get music of parts from Japan Arts Corporation (Tokyo, Japan)
Please send e-mail to Japan Arts Corporation from here.
♪ Release date : 2014/7/18

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