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[Cl] 2 Studies(2021) Lullaby & Toccata

[Cl] 2 Studies(2021) Lullaby & Toccata

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PDF(Solo Clarinet Part for Play)

Hidemi Mikai『2 Studies(2021) Lullaby for solo clarinet Toccata for solo clarinet』 Solo Clarinet Part for Play

2 Studies(2021)
Lullaby for solo clarinet
Toccata for solo clarinet

Two concert pieces for solo clarinet, which are not always required to play in a row. They could also be performed separately.

[Lullaby~Molto moderato poco rubato]

This is a study to find out the way of using agogic to perform musically the 16th notes which seem mechanical on first sight.
Musically speaking, I have imagined a person who is trying to put his/her child to sleep by singing a lullaby is also gradually falling asleep.

[Toccata~Allegro giocoso]

This is a study to express a clear articulation in the endless and comical movements of 16th notes.
About Tempo, Lullaby is assumed to perform freely, whereas Toccata should have a strict tempo.

* Lullaby can be performed with either A or Bb clarinet. Reference sound source was
performed with A clarinet.
* Toccata is supposed to perform with Bb clarinet.

♪ Product Code : ASKS-SL248
♪ Ensemble : Clarinet Solo
♪ Instrumentation : Clarinet in Bb
♪ Composer : Hidemi Mikai
♪ Creation Date : 2021
♪ Duration : 
Lullaby about 3 min. 40 sec.
Toccata about 2 min. 30 sec.
♪ Release date : 2022/9/6
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